NetGaming: There is still so much more to explore in slots

March 9, 2021

By NetGaming

Players have an ‘abundance’ of options with thousands of slots in the industry, yet there is still so much to explore in the slots category, claimed Pallavi Deshmukh, CEO of NetGaming.

Speaking to SlotBeats the day before 2021’s first CasinoBeats Slots Festival is set to open, Deshmukh highlighted a selection of titles the developer will be showcasing, the importance of virtual events and what we can expect to see in the slot sector in the next 12 months.

Deshmukh noted that with more countries becoming regulated, player demographics are ‘incredibly dynamic’ while the requirements from games continue to ‘evolve’.

Pallavi Deshmukh, CEO of NetGaming

“The ongoing regulatory environment is likely to also attract more casual players who might typically look for localised game themes with simple mechanics and entertaining gameplay,” commented NetGaming’s CEO. “Our aim is to cater to a diverse portfolio of players.

“We strongly believe that our current portfolio and 2021 roadmap will resonate with seasoned and casual players alike. Take MTV Pimp My Ride, for example. It’s a game that was designed to appeal to a wide cross-section of players through features that resonate with casual players that are likely fans of the popular brand, provides attractive options for seasoned players who are ‘in it to win it’ and is presented beautifully for semi-casual players, who are playing for entertainment and game mechanics.

“The Dark Art is another example of a highly immersive slot that connects a game theme that draws players in and provides extremely entertaining mechanics. The theme of Skulls Gone Wild is created for Spanish-speaking markets, however can take any player on a journey of re-spins that will provide an extremely satisfying experience.”


Given the current absence of physical events, Deshmukh claimed virtual events, like our Slots Festival, are ‘vital’ as a regular part of companies ongoing client outreach, claiming them to be an ‘evolution of the time’ that is ‘welcome’ within the digital industry.

She continued: “Keeping it virtual also reduces the cost substantially for event organisers which results in lower costs for sponsors and an increased frequency of such events provides more opportunities to connect with new and existing customers.

“As this is a niche event, it also provides an opportunity for content providers such as NetGaming, to showcase our content to the right audience.”

The conversation then moved to what NetGaming was scheduled to reveal within its Virtual Showroom. Deshmukh expressed her excitement of showing customers the company’s newest slot title, The Dark Art.


Speaking about the titles on show, she added: “This is a variable RTP, alchemy-themed slot that introduces our new Gravalanche feature. We also have another upcoming release, Skulls Gone Wild, our take on the ever popular El Dia de los Muertos theme. Closing this trio is our newly released branded game, MTV Pimp My Ride, our take on the ever popular MTV show.”

After a difficult 2020 for the whole world not just the online casino sector, we looked ahead to the next 12 months and pressed Deshmukh on what she believes will be the highlight within gaming development this year.

On the topic, she stressed that online gaming regulations will play a ‘significant role’ in shaping games roadmaps across the industry.

“With Germany and the Netherlands, two key European markets regulating in the next 12 months, the landscape changes considerably,” expressed Deshmukh. “Lower RTP games could gain further popularity. Innovative game mechanics and highly localised game content will become a priority for online casino operators.

“NetGaming recognises the changing environment and we are working on some industry-firsts, such as unique game mechanics and exciting new themes. We are passionate about identifying new ways to engage players and this inspires our diversified portfolio. We are creating our games to resonate with a wide range of players.”

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